Five* Go Mad** in Holland***

I’ve been up in Glesgae for a day’s adventure which I may get around to blogging about or I may not. But no time now because I have to pack and get an early(ish) night for tomorrow I’m off to Newcastle to get the ferry to Amsterdam with three of my cycle campaigning female buddies – for what will be a part study tour, part bonding exercise and hopefully a wholly fun trip. I’d be even more excited if the nature of my freelancing and cycle campaigning life didn’t mean I was going to have to lug my laptop along for the ride and find the odd hour or three here and there in between admiring bus stop bypasses and whatever else it is we will be doing. There may well be blogging too – or at least the odd over-excited tweet. And we will return on Tuesday refreshed, re-energised, and ready to take on the world.

Look out, Scotland …

* well, four but nobody really counts Timmy the dog.

** although, to be honest, we’ll probably end up being quite sensible. One of us even emailed around a packing list for the trip…

*** I know, I know, calling it Holland instead of the Netherlands is like calling Britain ‘England’ but it works better that way and besides Amsterdam actually is in Holland so that’s all right then.


2 Responses to Five* Go Mad** in Holland***

  1. 2bikesborg says:

    Have a great trip and bring back lots of ideas! Look out Scotland!

  2. […] suitcase but not my bike to Edinburgh and thence to Seville where the same gang of four who took a highly serious study tour to Amsterdam back in September will be conducting a thorough investigation into the cycling infrastructure of […]

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