A Video is Worth …

You know, I could write several thousand words about how wonderful Dutch cycling infrastructure is to ride on, and what a revelation it is when you use it for the first time having only cycled on UK roads …

Or I could let one of my companions do the talking.

Follow #5GoMadInAMS for more snippets of our Dutch adventure.


4 Responses to A Video is Worth …

  1. Charles says:

    Hello a little vignette of Somerset life. I was waiting at at a traffic light to carry on driving when I saw a local guy waiting at the side of the road with his bike to cross. The light was red and I stopped, local man starts to cross the road and a mamil blasts though the red light taking said locals nose off. Local man gives vent to his reasonable ire. I hate mamils with a passion. As an old retired person I cycle to go to the shops and I hate aggressive Lycra clad idiots. They give cyclists a bad name and quite frankly their attitude does more to undermine your well meaning and very informative blog than anything I know. I cycle and try not to annoy people but people like that are beneath contempt and should not be prosecuted, their holier than thou attitude when called to account does no one any favours

  2. Charles says:

    I meant should be prosecuted!

  3. disgruntled says:

    Ha! I could say the same about lots of drivers (including the one who decided to drive onto the very bit of roundabout that I was cycling on – ironically as I was on my way to the Netherlands). It’s harder to see what they’re wearing and characterise them all as MAMISBGs though (Middle-Age Men in String-Backed Gloves) though.

  4. […] Mouse) From the edge of Zone 1 to the middle of nowhere… A Video is Worth … You know, I could write several thousand words about how wonderful Dutch cycling infrastructure is […]

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