Where you can See it in the Stars that the Weather’s Coming On

weather coming on

Once, when we had recently moved to the area, we were told a cautionary tale about someone who bought a house on a hill, who promptly felled all the trees some idiot had planted blocking their amazing view, and then spent the next twenty years regretting it as the prevailing wind that the trees had been sheltering their house from battered against their windows every time there was a storm. How we laughed. And when we bought a house on a hill with fantastic views of our own, we obviously weren’t going to chop down any trees because we were wise to that sort of thing. But perhaps we should have paid more attention to the tree stumps dotted around the edge of the garden in the direction of said fantastic views and wonder whether perhaps we weren’t inheriting a similar mistake…

Not that I’m complaining, of course. A view is a view is a view and on a clear day we can see the Lake District, and no doubt the weather gods will relent eventually and we will have one of those days again soon. Plus, once we get the wood burner going (currently waiting for the chimney sweep to give it the all clear) it will surely add an extra layer of cosiness to listen to the storm blowing a hooly outside, and the rain dancing a fandango on skylights upstairs. Just as long as we can stay tucked up inside and the storm stays outside.

I was hoping we’d get through September before all this became an issue though. So much for an Indian summer…


One Response to Where you can See it in the Stars that the Weather’s Coming On

  1. Charles says:

    My departed aunt’s new neighbours bought a house from a dodgy Devon builder who had bought a run down wooden chalet, swore to the council he was building his forever house, and then put up a modern and rather ugly two story house which he promptly sold. To get a better price he cut down the trees to the South West. The poor new owners lost the roof one year later. Planning applications and builders on Dartmoor make the Borgias look like beginners.

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