Poorly Timed

My watch has stopped. In truth, it’s been stopping intermittently for a while now – it seemed to only work properly when I had been doing a fair bit of cycling, and shut off if I spent too long sitting at the computer, like some sort of primitive analogue fitbit, which I could have lived with (although it might have made a bit of a dent in my earnings taken to extremes), but now – just when I needed to get up at silly o’clock this morning for our Bike Breakfast – it seems to have given up altogether, even after cycling about 17 miles today. This is disappointing as it is less than two years since it last returned from being serviced. While I stand second to no-one in my tendency to persist with gadgets which anyone else might have consigned to landfill long ago* even I am reluctantly having to admit that a watch which needs to be sent off to be serviced for 3 months every 18 months at vast expense is something of a liability. Perhaps after 20 years I should face the fact that nothing lasts for ever, even fine Swiss timepieces, at least in my hands.

bike breakfast

Fortunately, watch or no watch, I managed to wake up in time for the bike breakfast anyway … and look, the sun came out!

So it’s time to think again about watches, bearing in mind the fact that I have a face, or at least a wrist, that apparently stops clocks. A bit of Googling suggests that Seiko seem to do reasonably priced automatic watches with luminous dials at about half of the cost of getting my watch serviced, which would tick all my boxes. Well, apart from the one marked ‘but I just want my old watch to work properly like it used to …’
* Case in point: the phone with only one-third of a working keypad which I kept using for another half a year


8 Responses to Poorly Timed

  1. … or the phone that I had to bash on a table to get a screen to come up… or the computer keyboard that had all the letters worn off and we kept on using because we could touch type – yup we’re a bit like that too -but, you know, sometimes you should just give in and buy a cheap watch!

  2. Flighty says:

    I’ve had a cheap Seiko automatic watch for years, although I don’t wear it much nowadays. xx

  3. 2whls3spds says:

    My son cannot wear a battery powered watch, he drains the batteries in a matter of days. His current solution is to carry his great grandfather’s pocket watch. I use Timex Expedition Camper watches; inexpensive and relatively durable. Current one is over 6 years old, I have replaced the wrist band and the batteries at least once.


  4. Charles says:

    I have an awesome ld iphone 4 that won’t turn off after phone calls, I keep punching the off button but people’s answer phones just get filled up with silence and or swearing. People who kill watches, and I have known several should try a fob watch, great fun if you get a half hunter. I would suggest a sun dial but you live in Scotland…

  5. disgruntled says:

    Right well I’ve just purchased the Seiko automatic, let’s see how it survives

  6. I’ve got a Citizen EcoDrive solar powered watch – the whole watch face is a collector – that I got for my 40th birth, (cough) years ago. I lost it once about half-way through its tenure with me and when found again it had run down and wouldn’t recharge, so I did send it in to get it serviced and a new battery and it runs like a top. It doesn’t need constant exposure to the sun, just ambient light does nicely most of the time. But I see you got the Seiko.

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