Ready or Not

It was a beautiful start to the day this morning with the blue skies over our garden full of darting swallows, but we’re not fooled – the dew was heavy on the grass and the nights are drawing in.

first autumn leaves

We’re getting ready though. The chimney sweep came and gave the woodburner a clean bill of health. It’s a Clearview (the ‘Rolls Royce of stoves’, apparently) and it does seem to have kept the glass remarkably clear so far. It makes it slightly hypnotic to watch

clearview stove

It has a back boiler, so we’re hoping it will cut a little bit off our electricity bills by heating some of the water tank, which is also ready for winter now:

lagged hot water tank

Most of the DIY on the house has left me struggling – I’m neither patient enough to stick with the preparation and finishing required, nor handy enough to do a decent job, but fitting a jacket to a hot-water tank is much more up my street. It’s closer to knitting than anything really technical, and if it isn’t exactly a tailored fit, the tank isn’t going to complain.

And speaking of knitting…

latest socks

I think I might be getting faster as this only took three and half months …


4 Responses to Ready or Not

  1. john gibson says:

    It looks like you will be warm and snug this winter.

  2. ms6282 says:

    “I’m neither patient enough to stick with the preparation and finishing required, nor handy enough to do a decent job” I could have composed that sentence myself!

  3. Charles says:

    Clear view are the bees knees. We installed one and it is streets ahead of the old one in the living room. It uses less fuel, heats the room and you can turn up and down the heat, the old one, which will remain anonymous, just eats fuel, does not heat the room and slowly gasses us.

  4. disgruntled says:

    @john, I hope so, or I will be joining the hot water tank under its jacket …
    @ms6282 – ha! I imagine quite a few people are in the same boat
    @Charles – that’s good to know. We liked our old one too, but everyone seems very impressed with the Clearview

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