If it’s Tuesday, This Must Be Aberden

Aberdeen Esplanade

OK, to be strictly accurate it’s not Tuesday and I’m not in Aberdeen, but it has worked out that I was in Glasgow last Tuesday and Edinburgh the Tuesday before that and this Tuesday I will be in Aberdeen so it’s beginning to feel like visiting Scottish cities on Tuesdays is my new hobby. A bit like last year, the cycle campaigning is kicking up a gear now that the summer is over – especially with crucial local authority elections coming up in May (and I do realise that for anyone normal it’s too early even to talk about Christmas, let alone next year’s elections, but it turns out you have to plan in advance in this game).

So anyway, the reason why I’m telling you this now, and not just waiting till I’ve been to Aberdeen to tell you all about it then is because, among the many hats I will be wearing in Aberdeen, one will be my Women’s Cycle Forum Scotland one, and Suzanne Forup and I were wondering if anyone who was interested in the WCFS, and who happened to be at a loose end on Tuesday between five and seven, wanted to meet up.

It’s obviously ridiculously short notice, and what will probably happen is that Suzanne and I will have a nice chat and something to eat on our own, but the danger is whenever we do that we always seem to end up having brilliant ideas of things we could do that end up creating more work for ourselves, which is how we end up in places like Aberdeen in the first place. So if nothing else, come and say hello and save us from planning something else

We don’t bite.

me and Suzanne

Suzanne and I the last time we visited Aberdeen


Oh, and tomorrow I will be in Wigtown, popping up.

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