Crawl Space

After months and months of what has felt like October weather (wet, blowy, chilly but not freezing), October has decided to get going with a couple of days to gladden the soul.

october skies

The only thing distinguishing it from June (platonic June, that is, not the actual June we had, which was a bit like October, or at least the way October usually is, rather than the October we are actually having, which is a bit like – oh, never mind) is that it’s been a bit nippy at night. Not quite frost, yet, but getting there.

Which is bringing the matter of our insulation into sharp relief. The good news is that the new house has plenty of insulation in the loft. Some of it is even installed where you would expect it to be, between the joists, some of it was installed against the coombes or whatever the slopey bits are, and is now falling off in places, and some of it is still in its roll after whoever it was who installed it got bored of the project and left it in a discreet corner of the attic. In a way, it’s quite encouraging because sorting out the insulation is doable and not particularly expensive if you do it yourself, and it makes a massive difference to your bills – all in all, a no-brainer.

Unfortunately, the shape of the upstairs means that doing it ourselves means me inching along in the triangular gap between the roof and the bedroom wall, using my elbows and toes, because it’s too narrow to properly crawl. My reconnaissance mission on Friday was a good reminder that it’s been far too long since I went to yoga (and besides, I don’t think there’s a pose called downward SAS commando), and I woke up on Saturday wondering if I was coming down with a chest infection because it hurt to breathe, until I remembered that I had spent Friday using muscles that I clearly otherwise only use when I cough.

At some point – perhaps after an intensive yoga retreat to get bendy enough – I’m going to have to go back in there and actually start putting in insulation, which should be interesting. It’s fortunate that I’m not claustrophobic, although I can report that when you’ve crawled as far as you can into a tiny narrow space under the roof, and realised you can’t get any further because there’s a board missing, and you’re going to have to work out how to reverse – then that is a very bad time to have the thought ‘what happens now if the house catches fire?’

house on the hill

The joys of home ownership, eh?


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  1. […] think I may have mentioned that our attic was previously insulated by someone who was in no way shape or form a completer finisher, and we’ve been working on rectifying that, spurred on by the combination of electric heating […]

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