Taking Flight

Yesterday, heading out early on the Brompton to catch a bus to catch a train to catch another train to Aberdeen, I was rewarded not just by a picture-perfect Junetober morning, but a huge flight of linnets* gathering over a recently harvested field. They were swirling in the morning sun, light flashing off their wings as they wheeled, forming first a river of birds and then a pool overhead, and then starting to settle on the wires until my approach spooked them and they flowed off as though they were being poured out of a jar.

It quite set me up for a day’s travelling, followed by an afternoon and evening of highs and lows: great chat with lots of fellow cyclists and campaigners (and boy does Aberdeen need cycle campaigners), tempered by bad news as bike lanes across Scotland appear to be under attack.

And then home again today, ever so slightly hungover, to a welcoming committee of cows, just in time to prepare for my next jaunt to Glasgow on Saturday where I will unaccountably be the keynote speaker for this (‘just be awesome, you’ll be fine’, says the organiser, which was perhaps not quite as reassuring as she had intended).

welcoming committee of cows

And then in a week we’re off again to the US. I wonder if the cows will miss us. Perhaps they should read the blog…

* probably


4 Responses to Taking Flight

  1. Mary Smith says:

    You’re definitely entering the realms of poetry with lines like ‘a river of birds and then a pool overhead’ and ‘flowed off as though they were being poured out of a jar’. No doubt Derek would edit them down and get at least three haiku out of them!

  2. Angela says:

    They probably were linnets! (We are in Aberdeenshire and we get them here, lovely things)!!

  3. disgruntled says:

    wasn’t close enough to be sure, but they were too small to be fieldfares

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