Uphill Struggle

We’re off to America on Wednesday, which means a sudden concertina-ing of the available time before we go from aaages away to oh help it’s practically upon us. Over the space of the last few days I’ve been in headless chicken mode tackling the ever-growing list of stuff to do, not helped by all the recent gadding about I have been doing in recent weeks. I think we’ll get there, mostly, but it means no time to spare, not to cycle into Bigtown for the paper (the other half was going in anyway), not to get into the garden, despite it being a gloriously sunny morning, not even really to blog.

However, I did have to cycle up to our new Nearest Village, which is also Doctor’s Village to pick up a prescription. This ought to have been a nice lunchtime jaunt – it’s just over three miles to the village – and a nice break from the routine of trips into town and back. I’ve done it a couple of times now, and it’s certainly less hilly than cycling to the doctor used to be, but I just don’t get on with it. It’s partly because it manages to be uphill in both directions, with the bonus of a bidirectional headwind this morning. But it’s mainly because it’s all on a B road with a white line down the middle, and lots of blind bends just for added fun. Most – almost all – of the drivers I encounter are sensible enough to see that overtaking even a bicycle when you can’t see what’s coming is not a brilliant idea and wait until they can see what’s coming before going past me. But every so often there’s one who is carrying a kidney for transplant or is needed to perform life-saving surgery, or perhaps is just an impatient twat, who Must Get In Front who overtakes anyway even though there’s not really enough room to pass me AND stay out of the way of any oncoming traffic that might be coming round the bend. I’ll spare you the rant about why this is not a good idea – I’m sure regular readers of this blog can probably fill in the gaps themselves.

Anyway, I made it, and nobody tried too hard to kill me either today, although there were a couple who had to be discouraged from the cheeky overtake they were gearing up for by a strategic wobble or two on my part. And tomorrow we pack up and head for Glasgow, ready for our Wednesday morning flight. Stand by for tales of sunshine and blue skies, improbably large meals, some low-key cycling, and hopefully not too much in the way of election-related lunacy…

colorado blue skies

Well, I can dream


4 Responses to Uphill Struggle

  1. Sue Greig says:

    Have fun on the US. X

  2. jbucky1 says:

    lunacy is an understatement, its a proper bloody mess here. Two divvy’s one position.

  3. john gibson says:

    Are you there yet? Come on, I want photo’s of food.
    Have a nice time.

  4. disgruntled says:

    @Sue – thanks!
    @jbucky – I think we’ll be avoiding too much political discussion
    @John, sorry, so far only photos of bikes …

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