Looking Up

Well, as journeys to the US go, that wasn’t the smoothest – there’s something about standing in the baggage claim after 24 hours of travelling (with still another hour’s drive to go) and slowly realising that your luggage hasn’t made it … this after a high-speed dash through Dallas airport in an ultimately futile attempt to catch our original connecting flight – and really, nothing appears to give airline employes greater satisfaction than announcing ‘it’s just pushed back’ to two sweating, panting, jetlagged travellers who had been directed to the wrong gate and have just sprinted the length of the terminal.

guest bikes

New and old guest bikes ready and waiting

However, having finally arrived at half past midnight local time – and don’t-even-want-to-think-about-it UK time – it was cheering to be greeted by the sight of a brand new bike waiting for us in the garage. My father-in-law knows that visits from us go more smoothly if there are bikes to be ridden, decent coffee to be drunk and plentiful baked goods and plans accordingly.

sunshine on the river path

Obviously, it’s important to get plenty of time outdoors if you want to get over your jet lag

The blue skies, on the other hand, are laid on as as standard.


One Response to Looking Up

  1. Bob McLean says:

    Don’t you just *love* air travel? This is why our next trip will be by train. More money, less panting.

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