That Time of the Year Again

So I wasn’t going to attempt coffeeneuring this year because I’ve been too busy – yes, even at weekends, in fact especially at weekends. In fact, I had more or less forgotten about it to the point where I actually had a qualifying coffee (stopping off to kill half an hour before catching my train home in Glasgow) and only remembered when it was too late to record the occasion as the rules demand. But then on Sunday we ended up stopping for coffee on our bike ride and I remembered all about it and took a photo just in case

coffee and macaroon

Cappucino and coconut macaroon at Pueblo’s Solar Roast

And then this morning we headed off for a wee pootle early on the bikes and realised that more normal October weather had resumed, and it was in fact pretty nippy out there. A strategic coffee stop to warm up was definitely in order. This meant exploring downtown Pueblo’s fine cycling infrastructure:

Pueblo bike lane

Actually, they seem to have been busy putting in bike lanes, nice wide ones by UK standards, although they still run out just when you need them most, and are replaced by sharrows and a ‘bikes may use full lane’ sign. This would matter more if there was much actual traffic, and if the few drivers we did encounter weren’t disconcertingly polite.*

Fifth street parking protected bike lane

The coffee shop we ended up at is on Pueblo’s only parking-protected bike lane, which we have used before but this time we had a purpose (apart from showing the bike lane some love as apparently it is under threat because nobody uses it and the whole parking-on-the-outside arrangement is considered alien and un-American or something).

Good Karma coffee shop

Good Karma coffee shop. Great cinnamon rolls, friendly service, but the bike parking is a little awkward…

Two cafetieres of coffee and two exceedingly sticky cinnamon rolls later we were thawed out and ready to ride across town to the secondhand bookshop, before taking the river path home in the by-now much warmer sunshine.

french presses

If you can think of a better way to spend a morning, let me know.

Oh and for those of you thinking ‘But it’s Tuesday – you can’t coffeeneur on a Tuesday’ the rules have changed and you can now coffeeneur on any day of the week. Which means I might even manage to complete it this year, and on two different continents too.

* I was confused by the pickup driver going very slowly behind us as we coasted round a corner, only to realise that he was patiently waiting for us to go past the turning so he didn’t risk right hooking us.

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