Freezing Scot

OK, so it’s not quite Colorado weather but as far as the blue skies and sunshine go, it was a fairly good effort on the whole, seasonally adjusted

blue sky and reflections

A nice day to cycle into town for lunch with the other half, followed by choosing my own housewarming gift from a talented friend – not a bad swap for some chilli plants and tomatillos earlier in the year.

Flying Scot prints

Flying Scot linocuts by Hugh Bryden – the hard part was choosing just two.

The problem with this time of the year is that even on the nicest days the sun is so fleeting  – turn your back on it for a second and it has slipped down behind a hill and the clear skies mean it’s all the chillier once it’s gone.

autumn colour

Time to get cracking on sorting out the insulation …



2 Responses to Freezing Scot

  1. Definitely time for the winter gloves! Those prints are lovely

  2. disgruntled says:

    They’re great aren’t they? Just need to decorate my study so I can hang them.

    Not quite lobster glove weather yet, but it’s coming

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