Village People

Cycling back in the pitch dark (supermoon schupermoon – it doesn’t matter how close it is to the earth when you’re under a blanket of cloud) from the community council meeting* in old Nearest Village (our new Nearest Village is what used to be Doctor’s Village, for those trying to keep up at the back), I was startled to discover myself running out of gears, until I worked out that I was on Growly Dog Hill (named after the collie which regularly terrorised me on the papershop run), which has a sharp little kick half way up it. It got me thinking. This is a road which I must have cycled along hundreds, if not thousands of times. It might have been dark, but I would have thought I could have cycled it blindfold by now and been able to work out where I was. How quickly we forget things which were once completely woven into the daily fabric of our life.

Perhaps it’s a sign that I should be moving on – except that I haven’t yet actually dared get involved with new Nearest Village, which seems to be dauntingly abuzz with activity and initiatives. Old Nearest Village is much more my speed and if last night’s community council meeting was anything to go by, continues on its placid way, disturbed only by an ASBO crow which has taken to attacking the cars in the school car park, which makes a change from buzzard attacks on unwary cyclists. Oh, and someone has rashly organised group ukulele and penny whistle sessions. Who on earth would be interested in attending that, you ask yourselves?

ukulele in bike pannier

Have ukulele; will travel

Who indeed?

If nothing else, the massed ukes might make enough noise to see the ASBO crow off – and it beats nailing a dead crow to the school fence, which was the other suggestion raised at the community council. I’m fairly certain that would not go down well with the parents, even if the kids were fine with it…

* Apparently, merely moving out of the parish is not enough to get you excused from being the secretary of the community council once you are foolish enough to have become one. Indeed, I’m not sure whether dying is sufficient either, although it would tend to mitigate against the efficient running of the community council.**

** assuming you’re a rather more efficient secretary than me.

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