As Winter Approaches…

… the bones of the garden are beginning to emerge.

shed in summer

This was the old chicken shed in summer

shed before clearing

As the nettles died back, we’ve been able to hack our way through and start to remove the fencing around the old enclosure

shed after
The interior of the shed makes me feel a bit sad for the hens that used to live here, although it’s all good stuff for the fertility of the soil, ultimately.

shed interior

“You can be in charge of getting that spade out and cleaning it up”, says the other half generously

First, though, we have to work out where to put the compost bins and then we have to fill them. Oh, and find out exactly where our septic tank is and make sure it’s still working …

compost bins

I don’t think that little dalek is going to cut it

That may be a subject for a whole other post



5 Responses to As Winter Approaches…

  1. commuterjohn says:

    A lush area of grass usually points in the right direction of a septic tank.

  2. Charles says:

    Matches, chicken hut and bonfire spring to mind. It’s amazing how long you can leave a sceptic tank before you have to clean it out. I would google local tank cleaning services, one of them will know when it was last done and how often it should be done. Every time I look for a chimney sweep or plumber I get someone who has worked here before or knows someone who did and has checked up on the local foibles. Speaking of sceptic tanks a friend of mine primed a new one with a mature rotting seal carcase, lots of lovely bacteria. This was in Namibia and a long time ago but it worked because I used the facilities….

  3. Charles says:

    Check if your council provides compost bins at reduced prices, oddly enough Somerset does so I bought two large ones for less than the price of one at the garden centre.

  4. disgruntled says:

    @John – it would appear if you’re seeing lush grass, then it’s time to sort out the tank
    @Charles – hmm, funny, the other half said something similar about a bonfire…

  5. […] which was wonderfully good stuff – and a pile of coarser weeds hacked down in our attempt to clear around the old chicken shed. Meanwhile, the weather gods were doing their bit by steadily drizzling so that everything was nice […]

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