Heaping it on

before topping up

Before topping up

After yesterday’s post, on mature reflection, I decided I hadn’t quite gone far enough with the mulching process so today I decided it was time to do some topping up as there was still a big pile of weeds and grass clippings I could add to the new plots (and also I was still capable of standing upright without groaning so I clearly hadn’t worked hard enough yesterday).

Interestingly (interesting to me, anyway – I assume if you come and read this blog regularly you’ve got a high boredom threshold), the huge pile of vegetation that has been accumulating since we started clearing the garden hasn’t really rotted down that much. In places it was even bone dry – clearly a mat of grass clippings is an effective rain cover, something which perhaps wouldn’t surprise anyone with a thatched roof. The layer at the bottom had started to turn into something resembling compost, however, so hopefully the worms and other things will work their magic under the carpet for the next few months.

heaped up

Several barrowloads later the carpet has been replaced and very thoroughly weighed down with the bricks out of the old storage heaters, mainly so I don’t get any ideas about adding anything more. My back will be having a few strong words with me on the subject too. It’s all very well people waxing lyrical about the ease of no-dig gardening but they don’t seem to mention the part where you end up collapsed on the sofa having shovelled and barrowed and forked umpteen barrowloads of stuff back and forth.

carpet replaced

It shall all be worth it in the end, I hope.


One Response to Heaping it on

  1. Charles says:

    Respect, in the Appalachians I would be looking for the bodies, but they would make good compost after all. I have just emptied the greenhouse and swept it out. Next is the Jeyes fluid, I feel I should change my name to Mr McGregor…

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