Kill or Cure

The thing I really needed to happen this week was for someone to discover an extra day between Tuesday and Wednesday so I can actually manage to get all the things done I need to in time. The thing I really didn’t need to happen was me catching the other half’s cold, so naturally that’s the thing that did happen, although I’m still hoping the magic of cycling will see it off.

Of course for cycling to work properly, you have to not just go out on a bike, but get miserably cold and drenched, at least that’s my theory* and ordinarily, you can rely on the Weather Gods to serve up that sort of weather without too much problem. So I should probably have been unhappy at the fact that during today’s paper run, the only rain I got was the tiniest of sprinklings and a fragment of rainbow, and the rest was just surprisingly warm spring sunshine – not enough to see off even the feeblest of rhinoviruses.

fragment of rainbow

Rainbow posed by model as this was actually yesterday’s rainbow.

Still, maybe the vitamin D will do it instead, although I don’t think the sun’s quite high in the sky to generate useful amounts yet. I took my cap off all the same, and cycled along bare headed just in case. It might not be doing much for my vitamin levels, but it did feel good to have some sun on my skin.

In other news, the daffodils are almost out.

daffodils almost out
* I suspect that, like most cold remedies, it will simply serve to cut down the duration of the cold from a whole week to just seven days.


4 Responses to Kill or Cure

  1. frugaldod says:

    I don’t want just want an extra day between Tuesday & Wednesday. I wish that days could be 36 hours long and I could sleep for only 7 hours 😀

  2. Rebecca says:

    My sister and I have been living together in her 31′ RV for the last several months. She is a substitute teacher and caught a horrible cold from her little gremlins weeks ago, which is still lingering with coughing and sneezing.

    We have been marveling at the fact that I have not caught it, spending so much time together in a tiny space, even sharing a queen sized bed. The only thing I can see that might have protected me is that I eat an orange every single day.

    I have noticed in the past that I get sick every time I fly without doing this for days beforehand. Same thing when I am staying in cities and using public transportation. I know it’s supposed to be an apple a day that keeps the doctor away, but oranges seem to work best for me.

  3. ballsofwool says:

    My expert (humbug) diagnosis is that you got sick as a consequence of those days last week when you didn’t get out on your bike. Get well soon.

  4. disgruntled says:

    I think you may be right @ballsofwool because I’ve been eating oranges religiously and that’s not working.
    @Frugaldod, the thing is, it’s got to be an unexpected discovery, otherwise you just include it into the reckoning and overcommit yourself even more wildly

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