Exciting Gas Pipeline News

Look, we live in the country, we have to take our excitement where we find it …

It turns out that the gas pipe being put in on my route to Bigtown is no ordinary gas main – they are effectively dualling the main gas pipeline to Ireland (which might be interesting come Brexit) at a cost of around €92m.

On the ground, that translates into an impressive swathe through the landscape.

gas pipeline works

So far the workers seem a friendly bunch (with impeccable road manners too). I particularly like it when they’ve held up all the cars to move some impressive piece of machinery across the road, but just wave me on my bike through…

If you’re interested in how gas pipelines are laid – stop laughing at the back there, I don’t see that it’s unreasonable – then you can read all about the project here. But rest assured, I will keep you posted on progress anyway, whether you’re interested or not.


9 Responses to Exciting Gas Pipeline News

  1. Thanks for including the engineering report – Interesting – and great pictures! Your curiosity about everything is an exemplar for me!

  2. subversivite says:

    *sniggers at the back*

  3. cityinfinityuk says:

    Mmmmm pipelines

  4. Andy in Germany says:

    Lots of gas passing soon then… (sorry)

  5. Charles says:

    The mess clears up quite quickly, in a year or so you will not know where it is. Mind you an excellent opportunity for guerrilla gardening if you get bored. Plenty of scope, you could pedal on the pipeline, plant, have coffee and cake in the moonlight and rain (it is Scotland) and go virtuously home. Sounds brilliant to me, safely in Somerset.

  6. disgruntled says:

    I have quite enough gardening of my own to do!

  7. […] promised you progress updates on the gas pipeline, and I have not forgotten – indeed I have been unreasonably excited about the whole project […]

  8. […] I have pipeline news: they have finished laying and joining the big gas pipe and started to make good the enormous hole they dug to do so, so the site now looks like this. […]

  9. […] past the gas pipeline site the other day, which has largely been sitting quietly growing grass for a few months now, I noticed […]

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