Hare’s Gap

As amazing a privilege as it is to wake each morning to find not one but two hares sunning themselves in your garden (in the immortal phrasing of Dave Barry, a large main hare and a small emergency backup hare), I felt that with the advent of the veg growing season, some boundaries needed to be made quite clear.

hare habitat and non hare habitat

So far, the large main hare has been keeping to the correct side of my anti-hare fence, but I’d left a gap to get the wheelbarrow in and out and as I was about to plant out my broad beans and peas and then leave them undefended while I went to Seville, except by the other half (who is pretty much Team Hare and unlikely to do anything to stop them eating whatever they like) it was time to close the gap.

hare defences mark one

First attempt at a gate.

My first attempt at a gate was pleasingly rustic, but effectively lasted 12 hours before it blew over. It was time for something less decorative and more solid. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to create anything like that, so I just bodged it as usual.

hare defences mark two

Ah sod it

It’s well known in the UK cycle infrastructure world that there’s no bodge so half-arsed that putting up a sign won’t magically make it work. I didn’t have a cyclists dismount sign handy, so I made one of my own.*

no hares

Looking forward to coming back and finding that at least some of my poor seedlings will have survived …

seedlings planted out

*Obviously, hares can’t read, so I drew a picture as well. I’m not a complete idiot.

8 Responses to Hare’s Gap

  1. It’s the picture that matters – we did this to keep a cat (looking remarkably like my avatar here) off a baby cot many years ago. Must see if that works with slugs

  2. disgruntled says:

    Let us know if it does!

  3. Hopefully a case of hare today gone tomorrow

  4. disgruntled says:

    Nooo! we want to keep the hares, just as long as they can stay out of the veg

  5. Charles says:

    Why not plant a decoy bed full of nice young plants? This will be ignored as forbidden fruit is much sweeter, you will have unhindered access and both hares will be happy in your official veg patch. In fact don’t throw me into the veg patch springs to mind.

  6. Sue Greig says:

    good luck – you’ll need it! x

  7. […] Perhaps they can’t read after all. I thought my sign was pretty […]

  8. […] about the butterflies, the garden is currently about 30% buddleia by volume), the demolition of the hare defences, and the remeasuring of the space, we worked out that we did have space for everything, got the […]

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