Hare Today, No Veg Tomorrow

We’ve been sadly deficient in hares for the last few days, which is a great sadness to us because it’s been a huge privilege to be able to watch them chilling out in our back garden.

So I was quite excited the other morning to see something moving through the garden and snapped a quick somewhat hazy photo (I had just got out of the bath…)

hare in the veg plot

Hmm. Perhaps they can’t read after all. I thought my sign was pretty clear.

After it had had a nibble of the potato leaves, it hopped over my hare defences with insolent ease.

Unfortunately, we are off (again, I know, but family calls) to Colorado for a week leaving the hares in charge. At best this may bode ill for the vegetables. At worst, they may have moved in and changed the locks. I’m ruling nothing out.

Even if the latter, I think the other half is still Team Hare.


3 Responses to Hare Today, No Veg Tomorrow

  1. I burst out laughing when I arrived at “At worst, they may have moved in and changed the locks”. It would certainly be a smart choice for the hares. Hopefully for you they are not as smart, though. 🙂

  2. Charles says:

    You could put up some chicken wire fencing and then grow peas, beans, sweet peas etc up it. Pretty and functional and the hares would get their share from the outside. You do have to plant inside the fence to protect the roots.

    Hare today, USA tomorrow, no veg next week, a modern haiku almost, but not as good as Beatrix Potter.

  3. disgruntled says:

    @my one life – here’s hoping, although they look pretty canny
    @Charles – it may come to the chicken wire as clearly my rustic alternative doesn’t even inconvenience them

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