Come In, You’ll Have had Your Summer

Well, it’s been a glorious weekend of cycling – adding it all up, I must have done around 130 miles since Friday what with various Bigtown Cycle Campaign activities and the KM rally. I’ve also managed to get more sunburnt in the past three days than I did in five days in Spain and a week in Colorado (I’m not the only one either; I’ve seen plenty of ‘lobster tans’ in the past few days – it turns out that suncream goes off so if you only get about three days of sunshine a year then don’t expect that bottle you bought back in 2004 to still offer any protection even if it is still half full).

The cycling has been amazing and it’s been properly fuelled too – say what you like about Cycling UK (and most people do – some of it justified, some of it not) but they know how to ensure that cyclists get properly fed. Not for nothing was it once known as ‘cafe to cafe’.


Unfortunately, wall-to-wall cycling and warm weather, on top of a week away, means that the garden looks somewhere between ‘unkempt’ and ‘letter from the council’. The hares have been frisking around outside as if they not only owned the place but are thinking of settling down and starting a family. I suppose that’s one good thing about lax gardening habits: plenty of space for more hares.


The other half returns tomorrow, hooray, and we have no trips planned for the foreseeable future, so I may just have a chance to get to grips with the garden. Although of course that also means the glorious sunshine has disappeared and normal dreich service has returned…

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