With the other half finally home, and things slightly easing off on the bonkers busy front, it’s been time to start getting to grips with the gardening backlog. Today, I managed an hour or so listening to the radio (PM is as ever the only news programme that’s bearable during election time, indeed increasingly the only news programme that’s bearable full stop) and planting out my leek seedlings while the other half tackled the grass.

leek seedlings

I’m putting this year’s veg growing down to establishing a baseline – things can only improve from here, effectively. Especially as I discovered this morning that the Small Emergency Backup Hare is using the potato patch as its current chilling spot. Clearly my hare defences need to be exchanged for something less rustic and more agricultural, possibly involving chicken wire and/or baler twine.

veg plot at the end of May

Meanwhile, the Large Main Hare and another Large Main Hare appear to be working on the stock of Small Emergency Backup Hares, although Mrs Main Hare doesn’t seem to be too keen right at the moment. Yesterday, as I headed off on my bike to Bigtown they were so busy chasing eachother round the farmyard at the bottom of the hill they were actually running towards me instead of away – I can only hope they’re a bit more wary around the cars. And I’ve discovered that, for an animal with a reputation for the uncanny and the magical, when hares get frisky with each other they’re actually pretty heavy footed (especially when you’re all alone in the house and wondering what on earth is thundering around outside). Humans clearly aren’t the only ones to totally lose their cool in the presence of the opposite sex…

frisky hares


4 Responses to Baselining

  1. 2bikesborg says:

    I think Eddie Maier of PM is a master of the long-form interview–difficult, because it can turn listeners off, but it can be really useful, like the discussion tonight about why nursing homes are closing in spite of increased demand.

    No good ideas on hare (or human) sex drive, but maybe it’ll keep them away from your leeks!

    • disgruntled says:

      he has the apparently rare talent of listening to his interviewees and responding to what they say, which means he gets great responses from ‘real’ people and ties politicians in knots

  2. Charles says:

    I envy you your space and your hares. Why not try hare farming, it looks like you have a talent for it. All my overwintered garlic got terminal rust and had to be dug up. Tastes nice but bulbs are too small so flinging it into recipes where I can get away with it, leaves to dump as we have a no burn policy…

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