Hope Springs

I’m trying to distract myself from the election, which has gone from a head-in-hands, can’t-watch horrorshow to something much more painful – the faintest dawning glimmer of hope that we might not end up with a Tory landslide on our hands. Obviously, that will just make Friday morning even more crushing so instead I bring you the fruits of a project I’ve been working on in the background for the last few weeks entitled ‘discovering how difficult it is to do a timelapse properly’.

We have a wood on the way to our house which is just lovely, and I’ve been trying to record the way it has been changing over the seasons. Woods generally are very difficult to capture properly, and trying to get a consistent image (never mind the lighting) is harder still, as I think my efforts probably demonstrate. But if you squint a bit and apply your imagination I hope you will catch some feeble reflection of what I was attempting to do.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Enjoy. You have until Friday morning to feel that sense of springlike optimism pervading your soul.

7 Responses to Hope Springs

  1. Err… Where is slide show, please??

  2. disgruntled says:

    It should just be there. You need java script enabled apparently

  3. ballsofwool says:

    As always, your valiant and generous efforts on behalf of others are an inspiration ! Hoping too.

  4. Charles says:

    Look at the list of the inept, the stupid, the corrupt and the downright incompetent who have been ejected from public like since 2015 and enjoy the show. None of the choice on offer is any good, I spoiled my postal vote, as all spoilt ballot papers have to be shown to the candidates they can read what I (politely ) have said about them. I have high hopes for this election, we could have bun fights on the left and the right, goodness knows what it will be like in Scotland but it’s shaping up well. I shall sit up tonight with a pot of tea, the crossword and a good book and laugh at the faces of those the people have rejected.

    Excellent effort at time lapse by the way. You do have some magnificent scenery. We are staying in the borders, on the eastern side in a couple of weeks, doing a recce for the next move in a couple of years time….

  5. Charles says:

    For like read life, auto text is the invention of the devil

  6. john gibson says:

    That is very good. When is the next ford news coming.

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