Very British Problems

So when you’ve told someone that you’re going to be late to a meeting because you’ve got another meeting beforehand and they’re eight miles apart and you are travelling by bike …

… and then your first meeting is effectively cancelled because nobody shows up …

… and it’s pissing down, and has been all day, and your waterproof trousers have proved Not Waterproof in Scotland, and your only spare gloves are your ridiculous winter ones …

path end

Do you a) cycle as quickly as possible to your second meeting and take the opportunity to dry off, because that would be the sensible thing to do?

interesting new signage

Or b) decide to add an extra couple of very wet miles to your route so that you don’t have to show up early having said you’d be late, a decision that appeared to make the most sense to me at the time?

At least option b gave me the opportunity to photograph some new cycling infrastructure…


4 Responses to Very British Problems

  1. Charles says:

    We were near Duns last week, it was very pretty but cold and wet. We did climb up to the roman signalling tower above Melrose but is was not really outside weather.

    I like the idea of increasing personal misery to give yourself a reputation for reliable unreliability. It makes perfect sense in a Terry Pratchet sort of way.

  2. buckyrides says:

    I like option #b also. Best choice, well done.

  3. ballsofwool says:

    Yes, option b. Obviously !

  4. disgruntled says:

    I’m glad you all agree with me. I would expect nothing less.

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