First Find your Veg Plot

We needed potatoes tonight, and the first of the earlies were likely to be ready. There was just one problem …

overgrown veg

I’ve been neglecting the veg plot recently, it’s safe to say. There’s just too much other garden to be getting on with, not to mention all the other things I’ve been doing and so I’ve been letting the hares keep on top of the weeding, without, it must be said, a great deal of success.

Fortunately, most of what’s in the plot this year is stuff that can just get on with things themselves, like broad beans

broad beans

And potatoes of course.

First potatoes

First crop of new potatoes. Very satisfying

Mental note to self: next year, plant the earlies right by the entrance to the plot, instead of deep in the back corner.

veg plot found

By tradition, all home grown veg is nothing less than delicious.

potatoes being cooked

And these were no exception.


3 Responses to First Find your Veg Plot

  1. Anonymous says:

    I try
    imagine having a hare to keep your weeds/vegetables in check.

  2. Elizabeth Rich says:

    I am envious. My potatoes are just beginning to grow! Even radishes have not formed!

  3. disgruntled says:

    @Anon – we have several hares who seem to treat the garden as their personal fiefdom but they are currently more interested in each other than eating the weeds or the veg
    @Elizabeth – I think you need a polytunnel!

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