On the Map

So, next month’s adventure is taking shape and I realised I was going to need to fill a hole in my local map collection. This is the kind of shopping I like to do:

To be honest, I didn’t think that much about this picture when I tweeted it – I just had a vague inkling that some of my fellow twitterers might appreciate a nice wall of maps in the same way I did.

And as it happened, so they did as I found myself immersed in a rapidly ramifying, ever-so-slightly nerdy* multi-dimensional cheerful twitter conversation about the joy of maps which descended into the surreal in places

And at one point, Ordnance Survey themselves joined in on the foolishness of laminating tissues (it made sense in context, honestly)

Anyway, it reminded me of how Twitter used to be before everyone got so angry with everyone else and it was a pleasant break from all the arguing. I must remember to tweet more about maps whenever I need to cheer myself up (everyone else, I send dormice)

* Did you know that Northern Ireland had its own Ordnance Survey for instance? Do you have a favourite OS map edition? Or are you a fan of Harvey’s Mountain Maps, which I’d never actually heard of until last night?

4 Responses to On the Map

  1. Charles says:

    I like the seventh series which came out in 1955-56. It is fascinating to see how similar and yet different the country is. The towns are in the same places but there are no bypasses or motorways. I pick them up on market stalls for 50p and I have my eye on the map drawer in my mother’s house.

  2. disgruntled says:

    Coincidentally, I came across someone selling a load of those (and some Michelin maps for France and the Netherlands from the 60s) but I had no cash on me, perhaps fortunately

  3. […] it. Not only did I end up riding 53 miles, but I was in an area so new to me that I had to buy a whole new map, which I think we can say got a suitable […]

  4. […] If you were following along in July, you’ll know that this is an OSNI map, not an Ordnance Survey […]

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