Bikes Bearing Gifts

Heading out for the paper this lunchtime after a hard morning compiling the Cycling Embassy Bike Blog Roundup, I was startled to discover someone had left a mysterious offering on the doorstep.

plastic bag

A plastic bag! That’s worth 5p you know

A quick glance inside revealed blackcurrant cuttings, but no note. I was puzzled because I didn’t think any of the tiny handful of people who live within walking distance of us would be bringing blackcurrant cuttings unannounced, but I definitely had not heard a car.

blackcurrant cuttings

A message on my phone quickly cleared up the mystery: my friend with the e-bike had taken advantage of its ability to zoom effortlessly up hills to drop them off. Clearly I was too absorbed to hear her knock on the door – and the bike was too silent to alert me to her arrival. As downsides to e-bikes go, it’s pretty minor but I’m sorry to have missed her, if only so I could see for myself what The Hill is like on the bike.

Anyway, the blackcurrants have been potted up and will make a fine addition to our fruit cage when we actually get around to putting one up. They’ll probably be full size by then …

blackcurrant cuttings potted up


3 Responses to Bikes Bearing Gifts

  1. welshcyclist says:

    Sounds good to someone who loves a blackcurrant tart, not forgetting the custard. But I do wish you’d stop mentioning e-bikes, I’ve just run an errand down to the village and back, and the pimple of a hill I have to climb on the homeward stretch has me sweating profusely. (It’s 25 degrees centigrade, or should that be celsius, what is the difference?) Everytime you mention the e-bike, I am sorely tempted!!! What must it be, to arrive fresh without any sign exertion?

  2. Charles says:

    First photo bombing, now e-bike stealth bombing. Mind you I think an ordinary bike would have been able to deliver quietly, you need a decent door knocker…..mind you we have a ninja postman who can drop off the mail without being seen.

  3. disgruntled says:

    @Welshcyclist, sometimes the universe is just speaking to you …
    @Charles – she can correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think she would have tackled our hill on the off chance without the e-bike

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