Out with the Old

Regular readers will be aware that I like to get the full wear out of my things, preferring to use them until they have fallen apart than to actually go shopping before I have to.  Partly on environmental and general frugality grounds, but mainly because whenever I go shopping I tend to come away baffled and enraged because I cannot replace the thing I have finally worn out because the world has now moved on since I last bought that thing.

However, my old slippers had reached the point where they were either going to have to be mended with duct tape, or replaced. A quick whirl around Bigtown confirmed that slippers have moved on since I got my last pair about 8 years ago, and all that was on offer were mules, ridiculous synthetic things, or slippers in the shape of a cat, which would be cute if it were I that was 8 years old, not my footwear.

old and new slippers

Fortunately, the internet came to the rescue in the shape of very expensive and – as it turns out – alarmingly white and fluffy replacement sheepskin slippers.

And now I’ve got to go shopping again, to replace my trusty cow pannier, which had already been mended with duct tape once. Yesterday, as I was out doing final preparations for our annual bike breakfast, it decided that it had had enough and one of the plastic clips gave up the ghost after a mere two and a half years. Make that a not-so-trusty cow pannier (in fairness, I think it was designed for light shopping use, not daily hard wear and routine overloading with cycle campaign literature, assorted freebies, locks and other gubbins. A cycle campaigner’s bike’s accessory’s lot is not a happy one …).

cow pannier

Remind me that, just because I got it home temporarily using the bungee, doesn’t mean that I can keep using it like that until it fails completely.

I know I should probably be sensible and get myself some proper touring panniers, but I did really like the cow bag. I might just get another one, assuming that such a thing can still be purchased.

cow pannier

Cow pannier in happier times

In other news, there is either progress on the ford repair front, or someone’s started making a note of the high-water marks on the road. I suspect when it isn’t under more than a foot of water they will get on with it. When that will be, is anyone’s guess…

ford roadworks

6 Responses to Out with the Old

  1. Martin Gemmell says:

    Sally, your system is sound, just increas the number of items you buy when you find something you like. E.g. Two panniers, four slippers etc.

  2. disgruntled says:

    I do always mean to do this, but it’s usually at least a year before I’ve decided whether I properly like something or not …

  3. Charles says:

    I bought 4 pairs of M&S cheap jeans when I found they were comfortable and fitted (if worn with large jumper). I live in them and so far only one pair is covered in paint, which means that I still have 3 pairs I am allowed out in public in.

  4. disgruntled says:

    Jeans are the one thing I can buy that haven’t changed and still fit and I like them, thank you Levis!

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