Keeping up appearances

No sooner do you blog about your pannier breaking … than magically one arrives in the post.

new pannier

No, I haven’t become the kind of blogger who gets sent bike loot* to review by companies eager to benefit from my massive influence. It’s better than that: I’ve become the kind of blogger whose enormously kind readers post her bike accessories they happen to have lying around to replace the ones she’s broken. This has the advantage of saving me from the horrors of going shopping, as well as a bit of money (I’ll donate something to Animals Asia by way of thanks) and also means not buying a new pannier, as I’m all for not bringing new stuff into the world if at all possible.

The pannier is probably also a step up on the old one, being a Proper Touring Pannier, although I still feel the good people of Ortlieb missed a trick not making it a cow print. It clips securely onto my bike rack, is undoubtedly waterproof (although not yet certified Waterproof in Scotland). It has all sorts of straps and buckles and compartments that I have yet to properly get to grips with and looks capable of taking my stuff in safety across continents, taking raging currents and epic downpours in its stride. Indeed, I suspect it felt that today’s pootle down to pick up a paper and a couple of pints of milk was a little beneath it. It’s a terrible thing when you feel the need to live up to your own kit.

ready for adventure

Still, I imagine even a shopping trip beats being kept unused in a cupboard under the stairs so it will just have to get used to micro adventures rather than macro ones. At least for the time being, anyway …

* garlic, on the other hand, is another matter

2 Responses to Keeping up appearances

  1. Erik Borg says:

    I hope both of you have many happy miles (or kilometers)!

  2. disgruntled says:

    As long as it’s not too many at a time!

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