So I appear to have lost my gardening mojo somewhat this season – just too much to do in other areas (although some things have been growing anyway, kale crisps, anyone?). I think I’m also a bit daunted by having my own garden and while I’ve been throwing plants at it at random intervals, I haven’t yet quite got the hand of what I want to do to make it mine, as opposed to just maintain someone else’s vision.

Fruit and Vegetables for Scotland

But this should help – bought on the basis of a recommendation in a cycle forum* and wonderfully opinionated (on rhubarb for instance: “Caroline recommends baked rhubarb served with crispy fillets of mackerel. I can’t think of anything worse, myself”) and packed with advice, hopefully useful, it has started to rekindle my enthusiasm again, if only for holding another slug pub massacre after what they did to my potatoes.

It does help that the greenhouse fairy visited last week.

new greenhouse

Now that’s better than a mouldering chicken shed, I think you’ll agree …

chicken shed

I suppose, looking at this picture, that we have made a fair bit of progress with the garden …

* This makes more sense than you might think, for a certain value of cycle forum. After all, if you ask in a gardening forum for book recommendations, you’ll get as many opinions as there are posters and you’ll end up none the wiser, whereas on a cycle forum there’s only likely to be one. Come to think of it, I might sign up to a gardening forum and see if they can help with bike maintenance


5 Responses to Resurgent

  1. Charles says:

    It takes time to get the feel of a new house and garden. I moved every 3 years until the age of 35, then lived in the same London semi for 20 years before moving down to Somerset 2 years ago. I hated London with a passion but I did miss the certainty of it all, job etc. I also knew I would move out one day, so if although I did not like it I knew it was not for ever. It’s a bit daunting to move to your forever home, partly as we now know this is not it! Lovely though it is.

    Still it helps that after 2 years I have got to grips with things, the best thing to do is to be ruthless and take out plants and beds wholesale so you can see what is there. I did this one at a time and I am much happier now, I have 3 out of 4 areas fixed, one to go.

  2. Charles says:

    Love the greenhouse, you can grow quite a lot through the winter in it, salads etc and from about late Feb it’s a great place for a sneaky afternoon glass of wine while you plan the garden.

  3. disgruntled says:

    It doesn’t help that it’s so windy, although at least not inside the greenhouse. Might just move in …

  4. how do you summon the greenhouse fairy? is it like the tooth fairy? do you have to lose something first? …and I’m with the author of your book on the prospect of rhubarb and mackerel 😦

  5. […] was a call out for stripey snails on the so-much-more-than-a-cycling forum from which I seem to get most of my gardening information these days. As it happened, the bed I was digging out had a fair few of these stripey snails […]

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