What’s that lumbering towards the wall?

dalek invasion

We appear to be having a dalek invasion.

compost daleks

Oh, okay, we have ordered a couple of new compost bins, hopefully more Tardis-like than Dalek-like, given that they are already dwarfed by the pile-o’-stuff waiting to go into them.

When we moved here, we (I) had big plans for a corner where we could do extensive and Proper Composting, and while those plans have been maturing* the pile of grass clippings, strimmings, weeds and other material which will ultimately feed this proper compost has steadily grown as the other half gets on with actual gardening as opposed to dreaming, talking and blogging about it. The original Dalek is full of kitchen and garden waste and although it never actually fills up, nor has it yet turned the bottom layer into compost. Meanwhile, I suspect that towards the bottom of the pile-o’-stuff some good organic matter might lurk but first I need somewhere to put the top of the pile.

Clearly, while a Proper Composting Solution is still ultimately the goal, we were in increasing need of a temporary solution. I’m always reluctant to bring new plastic into the world, but it turns out compost Daleks are generally made of recycled plastic, and besides there was a buy-one get-one-half-price offer on the go.

And obviously, just because we’ve tripled our emergency composting capacity, I won’t now relax and wait until Dalek No. 3 is bulging at the seams before starting work in the Proper Composting Solution. Of course not. What do you take me for?

* they have developed sliding-block-puzzle tendencies in the process, as first we need to check the septic tank is all in good order, then move the pile of woodchips that were left in the wrong place, dig out the very nice soil underneath the woodchips where the old compost heap clearly was and put it to good use, get hold of materials for composting bays, actually build the composting bays, get hold of some more manure, which involves sourcing a trailer that nobody minds us putting horse poo into, build a trellis to hide the composting bays, find something nice to grow on the trellis …


8 Responses to Pro-Cras-Tin-Ate

  1. Andy in Germany says:

    I have never managed to fill my compost bin, despite much enthusiastic composting.Once they start breaking stuff down it vanishes amazingly fast.

  2. Chris says:

    Gardening sounds *complicated*.

  3. disgruntled says:

    @Andy – I suspect we haven’t got the mix quite right with ours
    @Chris – oh, it is

  4. Charles says:

    Did you get your bins from the council? About the only useful thing Sedgemoor council do is provide cheap compost bins. I have three, which was not enough so I demolished an old arbour/loveseat/eyesore and turned that into the fourth one. This means that I have only had to go to the dump once this year and that was to get rid of grass clippings that had weedkiller in them from sorting out the lawn.

    I have found that no matter what people say it takes at least a year to make good compost, even by mixing woody and green, adding old grow bags and seaweed …best tip I did read was when you have filled a bin, empty it out into another empty bin, turning it does seem to help.

  5. disgruntled says:

    Sadly no council bins here. Hoping that the three we have will give us space to turn over what we’ve got though

  6. disgruntled says:

    Update: All three compost bins now pretty full, pile somewhat diminished, about half a barrow load of compost has been made …

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