That Hurricane Damage in Full

Having read some of the tweets from Ireland during Ophelia’s visit yesterday, I’ll spare you my eerie calm before the storm and weird blood-red sun anecdotes (but you know, it was very strange). When the storm finally arrived, we lay in bed last night listening to it hammering around the house hoping that the greenhouse would survive and glad that at least we’d given the two trees most likely to cause any damage a haircut.

With the cold light of morning we went out to survey the damage:

headless daleks


Our dalek army had been decapitated (fortunately, we had spent Sunday filling the two new bins with the contents of the pile-o’-stuff, so we only had to retrieve the lids, not go hunting for the bins themselves).

felled tree

One of our wedding anniversary twiglets had been blown over, although it was possible to resurrect it as it had only bent, not snapped.*

battered tree

The cows’ tree – whose tree tube had suffered somewhat from their enthusiastic attention – appeared battered but unbowed.

And you’ll be pleased to note from the photo above that the greenhouse is still standing and indeed completely unscathed, testament to the efforts of the other half and a friend, who spent two days constructing it.  Other than that, as the wind had helpfully blown away all the leaves that had fallen already, the garden actually looked tidier than it was before the storm.

Tomorrow we set off for Northern Ireland – or what’s left of it – for what we’re confident will be a sunshine break, very glad that we didn’t book the ferry for today as we had originally planned.

* I would claim this as a metaphor but two of the other trees we planted this spring didn’t survive, so I’m not reading too much into their fate, just at the moment.

6 Responses to That Hurricane Damage in Full

  1. Sue Greig says:

    Rob is very pleased that your greenhouse survived. Ours didn’t!! X

  2. Charles says:

    It was a bit blustery in Somerset but if I had not been told it was a hurricane I would have put it down as a half hearted equinoctial gale. Still there is another one at the weekend, I think this what one used to call weather, but is now a calamitous event sparked by Brexit/climate change/Mrs May/Mr Corbin. Take your pick.

  3. disgruntled says:

    @Sue – sorry to hear that … we’ll have to return the favour if there’s greenhouse building required
    @Charles – I think Ireland took it for the team

  4. zoeforman says:

    Phew – could have been so much worse. We just had the amazing red sun ☀️ and high winds but mainly tree damage

  5. […] in the garden (pretty much everything thanks for asking, including the greenhouse – and the daleks kept their heads screwed on as well), I was admiring these flowers which seem to be unstoppable. My mother picked them up in […]

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