Today being our last day here, we headed to Tollymore Forest Park because it’s got to be done: one of those places that was a fixture of my childhood, but which I am only now beginning to properly appreciate.

Tollymore entrance

And despite having come here regularly for over 40 years, I still somehow managed to miss the entrance and was practically at Bryansford before I realised my mistake.

tollymore autumn

tollymore in autumn

Worth the uphill pedal though … if only to work up an appetite for our tea.

tollymore in autumn

Back home tomorrow, to find out if everything is still standing in the garden.

Tollymore in autumn

3 Responses to Navigational

  1. What a mAgical place!

  2. Charles says:

    When trying to find the car park to climb up Ben Lawers we found that the visitor centre had been demolished. This took an hour of driving backwards and forwards and then rural broadband, Scottish style. We did climb the hill, in spite of NTS saying the walk would take 90 minutes. It took 5 hours, which is what all the sensible web sites said later when I read them, drink in hand. It took two weeks to recover.

  3. disgruntled says:

    @Stephani – and apparently one of the locations for Game of Thrones (or so I’m told)
    @Charles – yeah, we were tottering a bit the day after, despite only going half way.

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