So, we’re home again – leaving an Ireland bathed in sunshine and arriving back in Bigtownshire to the massed and looming clouds…

clouds over scotland

This morning, checking to see what was still standing in the garden (pretty much everything thanks for asking, including the greenhouse – and the daleks kept their heads screwed on as well), I was admiring these flowers which seem to be unstoppable. My mother picked them up in Aldi for five quid as a garden-warming gift when we first moved in, and they’ve been pretty much flowering ever since.

Dianthus in the rain

This photo doesn’t do justice to the colour of this flower which is a much deeper red

Certainly in June this year they were flowering their little heads off and kept on going and when they started to fade and look a bit ragged at the end of this summer I almost hesitated to cut them back because I knew it would encourage them to put on a second flush and I was worried it might actually kill them. So far, though, despite the haircut, combined with wind, storms, rain, slugs and hares, nothing seems to dent their enthusiasm. Clearly, wherever Aldi gets its plants from is doing something right.

dianthus in June

the same plants in June – everything else in this photo has realised it’s autumn and gone to ground

The only problem was that for ages I had forgotten what they were actually called (they did have labels but I lost them), making it harder to find out how to look after them – had they needed any looking after which, apparently, they don’t – or, more importantly, to sound as if I knew what I was doing when other gardeners came to visit. A quick Google suggests that they are some kind of Dianthus, possibly Neon Star, which should come in handy when I need to replace them when they inevitably die after I post this. Or I can just keep calling them what I’ve been calling them up to now when pressed – “Oh, those? They’re Fromaldi forafiver”.

pink dianthus

5 Responses to Nomenclature

  1. Charles says:

    I bury the label, either in the pot or in the ground. It’s safer than a safe place. I just installed a dwarf mulberry that fruits on new and old wood, so it should fruit this year. It’s a dwarf so it has been bought to go in a pot but the nursery obviously believe in the dwarf thing because it is the smallest sapling I have ever seen, two leaves and a matchstick do not a shrub make, but that is the internet for you. And it was in the rhs mag….standards are slipping.

    Aldi has great plants, I got a couple of spiral bay trees for peanuts earlier in the year, I am waiting to see how good the bulbs are….

  2. Charles says:

    Sorry fruit next year, this global warming has not yet reached the heights of fruiting in winter.

  3. disgruntled says:

    Mulberries sound interesting …

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  5. […] in recent weeks’ albeit still looking pretty nibbled around the edges. Half of the the dianthus plants from Aldi that did so well last year succumbed to the snow, but Homebase were selling them even more cheaply […]

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