Drove the Chevy to the Levee

Bikes are all very well, but it’s even better when you can ride your bike under a train pulling a load of trucks …

train pulling trucks

Or stop and watch a humungous digger ripping apart the levee as if it were made of gingerbread.

levee repairs

Actually it’s kind of sad to see the art works that have adorned the levee for the last forty years disappear into dust but apparently it needs repairing. I thought I had taken more photographs of them before they got ripped down but I can’t find them. Some of them were quite … special and suggest that the local commitment to recreational marijuana long predates the recent legalisation.

Anyway I imagine they’ll be back. Indeed it looks like they’ve already started …

new graffiti

Edited to add: just realised I missed an opportunity to call this ‘exciting flood defences news’

2 Responses to Drove the Chevy to the Levee

  1. Bill Chance says:

    Cool entry. You see things on a bike that you’d never notice from a car.

    thanks for sharing.

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