Four and 20 Campaigners Came Down from Inverness…

… and found someone had left a load of excrement on their doorstep.

bags full of horse manure

Fortunately it was the well-rotted horse kind and I was expecting it. We’ve been trying to sort out a delivery of a friend’s horse poo for ages, somewhat hampered by the lack of a trailer, so before Christmas I gave her a load of empty feed sacks* and she filled them with the end result by way of a new year gift.

It’s lovely stuff, too.

manure in greenhouse beds

This afternoon I topped up one greenhouse bed with some of the contents and did a bit of garden pottering which has filled my head with things that need and could and should be done with it. I’ve still not quite got to grips with it all but now that the greenhouse is almost ready to go, plans are afoot.

Electric trike in Inverness

Big beast and little beast: the Brompton meets the Beast of Inverness

Inverness was fun, if a bit too much of a fleeting visit. Just time to try out the local GP’s electric trike, nicknamed the beast (she started off applying to get some bike racks installed at her practice and it seems to have escalated from there. It’s easily done), meet some local campaigners, rummage through Leakey’s book stocks, and hatch plans for a proper return trip one of these days.

* Top tip if you live in a rural community – don’t ask your local freecycle list for empty feed sacks. You will end up beating them off with a stick.


4 Responses to Four and 20 Campaigners Came Down from Inverness…

  1. Charles says:

    The Beast of Inverness looks like all it needs is a few scythe blades and it should be able to take on all comers.

    Today I tracked down the local cranes, and all I can say is that they are big, and we had a three hour power cut due to a lightening strike. It’s all go in Somerset.

  2. Charles says:

    Yes bird cranes on the Somerset Levels. It may not be Scottish cold down here but it is quite brisk so they are tough as well as beautiful.

    Unlike me…

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