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I was just hopping off my bike at the post office yesterday afternoon, having cycled up to New Nearest Village for a smear test,* and on my way to on a friend to pick up some post from our old address, because obviously this being Bigtown, one of her colleagues has moved into our old cottage and is passing it on to her, and it struck me that this was a perfect multi-errand ride, just the sort of thing to get you ahead of the game if it were Errandonneering season. And then I remembered it was Errandoneering season – in fact the 2018 Errandonnee had started 3 days ago, during which time I had unwittingly done six excellent bike-based errands, including cyling to get a lift to choir (Arts and Entertainment), taking my bike to the bike shop to not get serviced (it’s a bit reassuring that the bike shop doesn’t find it straightforward to maintain my bike either) (um, Personal Care?) going to shovel horse manure into bags (um, not actually sure what category that goes in. I didn’t actually haul any of it back by bike or it would definitely have qualified as ‘You Carried WHAT on your Bike?’). Anyway, it’s all moot as I hadn’t properly recorded the rides in question and if it’s about nothing else, errandonneering is about sticking to the rules (which is, before you all get a bit sniffy in the comments about unnecessarily elaborate rules, all part of the fun).

spring sky

Spring clouds for illustrative purposes only. Lark not included. Picture posed by model. Serving suggestion

Today my only bike-borne errand was to fetch the paper – category Store – except that I also heard the first lark of spring singing its little heart out on the way there, and spotted the first lambs near us on the way back and it was very cheering after the winter we have been having. So maybe stopping to appreciate both counts as a Peaceful Everyday Action?

Clearly I don’t really need a hashtag and a challenge to get me out running errands on my bike, but if you’ve never given Errandonneering a go, there’s still time, and if winter can just bring itself to stay away for good this time, it might even be fun.

* Chaps: sorry if that was too much information but they save lives so I thought what the hell, why be coy about it? It’s been reading about other people’s that has finally nudged me into to making an appointment to get it done until, so hopefully this will give someone else the nudge they need.

8 Responses to Errandomeering

  1. Charles says:

    We have lots of lambs here, have had for about a month but no skylarks so I think you are ahead on points.

    Surely shovelling manure is bio engineering or saving the planet.

    Was that a generic character smear on chaps in general? Some of us have been known to drive other halves to the doctor, and not have to lie down with a stiff drink after, I can drink quite well sitting down actually.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Probably saved my life when I was 30

  3. disgruntled says:

    @Charles – not all chaps, obviously.
    @Anonymous – it’s worth the indignity and the mild discomfort

  4. that sounds like a great challenge – in a better state I might take part . This year I’m afraid that rule 9 (of the errandonnee rules ) applies but it still cheers me to think that other people are taking part. Look forward to further reports

  5. Michael says:

    My sister died from ovarian cancer that wasn’t caught soon enough. I’m all for people talking about such things.

  6. I LOVE doing the Errandonne challenge! 🙂 It’s so fun! Working on it now for 2020!

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