What a Difference …

… A bit of sunshine makes, with spring finally making a guest appearance yesterday, and apparently now settled in for the week.* It wasn’t exactly ‘taps aff’ in Bigtown, but I felt a bit overdressed in my hat, scarf and winter gloves when I cycled down for the paper and discovered that everyone else was in their summer clothes. What can I say, they’re a hardy bunch. There were even other cyclists out on the country roads (I was deep in conversation with myself, plugging up the hill on my way home, when I was startled by a cheery voice saying ‘nice day for it!’ just at my right shoulder. Turns out other cyclists actually maintain their bikes to the point where they can silently sneak up on people …).

I didn’t technically have any time for gardening yesterday, but I couldn’t miss the opportunity to get on with the earth moving project that the raised beds have turned into. I was only going to clear away the soil and tackle assembling them later, but I got the bit between my teeth and it turned out to be pretty straightforward in the end.

assembled raised beds

Assembled raised beds. That small cairn of stones in the foreground is the inevitable result of doing any digging around here …

Today I was going to start filling them, ready for the potatoes which are waiting chitting on the windowsill, but the rain came down just as I had met my last deadline of the week and was ready to head out to do some muck shifting at last.

potatoes chitting indoors

Fortunately, it doesn’t rain inside the greenhouse so I did some binge planting instead. Now all I have to do is assemble and fill the other eight raised beds before everything starts climbing out of the pots unassisted.

seeds planted in greenhouse

That should be easy enough, right?

* I actually thought my Met Office weather app might be broken when I looked at it this morning and there was no forecast for rain/sleet/snow/plagues of frogs for the whole week, just a row of white clouds and more-or-less normal temperatures for the time of year. Surely some mistake?

7 Responses to What a Difference …

  1. bribikes says:

    I love your potato picture! And your comment about sneaky cyclists make me chuckle. I must admit to being guilty of letting my bike maintenance run down as well from time to time, it’s a bit embarrassing to have a squeaky chain when a well maintained bike is around 🙂

    • disgruntled says:

      Ooh, happy to see you’re blogging again! I think of your winter cycling adventures every time we have a little dusting of snow and the world comes to a halt.

      No chance of sneaking up on anyone on my bike. It’s pretty much all rattle at the moment

      • bribikes says:

        Thanks! I really missed blogging, it feels good to be back 🙂

        Poor little bike! I did leave one of my bikes in the same state when I came to Brazil. I really must work on it when I get home….

  2. Charles says:

    So you are going to have 9 raised beds the size of that one? Serious bed envy, I make do with 4 and a greenhouse, plus pots scattered around garden and patio that are filled with “plants” that turn out to be spuds or leeks…I think when we move I might parlay smaller garden into more raised beds. Do you go round garden centres sitting in sheds and greenhouses? I used to until I moved, now I have started again as I need to keep my finger on the pulse for when, if, we move.

    9 beds, go on, get some asparagus!

  3. john gibson says:

    Fortunately, it doesn’t rain inside the greenhouse.
    I think this is a very dangerous comment to make.

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