Sheep Worrying

Well, that will teach me to blog about a pleasantly warm day – it hasn’t (thankfully) snowed since my last post but it’s not exactly felt springlike, put it that way. They say the warmer weather is coming; it had better hurry, is all I can say.

Hawthorn leaves emerging

But there are signs of it, and not just in the hedgerows. Exhibit one: putting-lambs-back-in-fields season has begun, with a lamb that had, as usual, worked out the way out of the field but could not for the life of it work the way back in (are modern fences equipped with special one-way sheep valves?) Meanwhile I couldn’t work out for the life of my how a lone cyclist could corner a lamb along a straight stretch of fence in order to chuck it back into its field. Having stood there for a while trying to give it instructions (‘Under, under! You need to go under the fence, not attempt to julienne yourself by going through it, you stupid animal’) and hoping that a driver would stop to help (fat chance), I finally flagged down a tractor driver who said he’d alert the farmer and I was able to head off for my lunch with a relatively clear conscience.

fleeing lamb

My usual lamb photo effort

It only struck me later that would have been a good opportunity to get a better photo of a lamb than the usual ‘distant running-away dot on the horizon’ but it seemed a bit indecent to profit from its misfortune just to bump up my Instagram likes.

lamb huddled by tree

On a related note, I hope that this lamb spotted this afternoon was just sheltering from the east wind, and not actually sick, which was why it didn’t run away. I suppose I could have gone to find another tractor driver or farmer to ask … but while ‘lamb out of field’ seems a legitimate thing for even the most uninformed townie to report, ‘lamb looking a bit depressed’ is a bit more marginal…

7 Responses to Sheep Worrying

  1. bribikes says:

    🐑 Aww little lambs!?!? So adorable, I hope that little spotted one is okay, maybe he/she is just a more placid soul

  2. Charles says:

    You need some lambsplaning….

  3. disgruntled says:

    @Bribikes – maybe. I did look around for its mother …
    @charles – indeed

  4. Lizzie says:

    Nice lamb! They do wander off and stay away from mum sometimes, although generally would get worried and run off and start bleating for her if a human got up close. My husband used to work on a farm and I used to help at lambing sometimes, and my advice would be next time start getting a bit noisy/jump up and down to annoy it and see if runs off. But if there is no farmer handy then sometimes you just have to hope that if it isn’t OK then it won’t be too long before the farmer comes to check up on the flock.

  5. Sheep seem to have a wish to die from the moment they are born…

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