There’s a Moment During Every Pedal on Parliament…

… When you think, OK so maybe this will be the year that really nobody will come.

So you’re standing in the Meadows, and there’s nobody there but the organisers, a BBC film crew, and the Gruffalo …


And it’s pissing down with rain and has been on and off all morning and all the hard work and the flyering and the planning and the tweeting and getting the University of Edinburgh to fill back in the big trench it had dug right across Middle Meadow Walk three days before you were due to lead a mass cycle ride up it, is beginning to look like a bit of a waste of time …

Feeder ride arriving

And then the first feeder ride arrives, undiminished by the rain, with the sort of grins cyclists only have when they’ve ridden through Edinburgh with police outriders on their tail instead of irate taxi drivers …

Mark Beaumont and the assembled crowd

… and you think that, just maybe, you might get away with it again for another year…


8 Responses to There’s a Moment During Every Pedal on Parliament…

  1. Charles says:

    Congratulations! Whilst studying your new favourite picture I was struck by the amount of luggage a campaigner needs to lug around, I took less for a week’s overseas travel, in the days when I did such things.

    By the way is blue the new day glo colour of choice?

  2. disgruntled says:

    POP marshals have to wear blue because yellow wouldn’t stand out in a crowd of cyclists …

  3. Well done! It was a great day. I was there, somewhere near the back. I’ve never had to queue to join a demonstration before.

  4. philipward says:

    Sally, you are banned from doing press releases from now on. Your passion on the mic was intoxicating and up front is where you belong.

  5. IWRATS says:

    The Gruffalo is wearing transparent plastic overshoes. That is all.

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