And Now for Everything Else

After an exciting weekend …

… back to the real world.

Gardens, and spring (and work) wait for no cycle campaigners. I was pleased to get home and spot the first potato leaves peeking through in the raised beds – especially as it meant I could get them earthed up before the overnight frosts (hello May) had a chance to give them a nip.

potatoes peeking through

The trays of seedlings are waiting impatiently to go out. I’ve put the peas, kale and broccoli on a bench out of the reach of slugs and hares to harden off – the forecast was for milder weather but I hadn’t factored in that this meant rain, wind and, indeed, hail. My approach to gardening has always been along the lines of ‘what doesn’t kill them makes them stronger’, although I can’t strictly speaking recommend this as mostly it does just kill them.

seedlings waiting to go out

The raised-bed raising continues (I was going to write ‘apace’ but that would be a lie). So far I’m just about keeping ahead of the need to plant stuff out, but it’s going to be a close run thing.

raised bed progress

How does your garden grow?

7 Responses to And Now for Everything Else

  1. Oh, that looks wonderful!!! Of course, I have no clue about how it’s actually doing, lol, but it all looks so neat and green. A pleasure to behold…so that’s something, anyway.

  2. disgruntled says:

    It won’t be neat for long …

    • ballsofwool says:

      I catch myself feeling April panic – a feeling brought on by the garden looking totally amazing and neat for exactly 3 days at the end of April – bitter experience telling me that from then on and for the other 362 days it will look weedy, chaotic, overgrown, floppy, dead…

  3. Sue greig says:

    Looks great. Do you want any squash plants. OK I know you don’t like courgettes but … tuffey squashes or pumpkins (come on Paul you must have a recipe for pumpkin pie). X

  4. Charles says:

    Raised bed envy getting worse. Broad beans and spuds good, French beans total fail twice, I am going to buy more seeds….

  5. Our garden grows thus; Spuds showing through, squashes and related just sprouting, onions looking good and some very old seeds still deciding whether they’re viable or not! And the crop of pawprints in our raised beds is doing really well :/ Having all this in our own garden for the first time is very exciting for us 😉 Much easier than a 7 mile round trip to the allotment!

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