Clout Casting Commences

Signalled by a strange portent yesterday morning

Not only has the fine weather continued, but suddenly it’s gone from ‘nice and sunny and warm if you’re out of the breeze’ to ‘this is not a drill, this is summer, enjoy it while it lasts, because when it’s gone, its gone’

Unfortunately this has coincided with the crunchiest of crunchy work deadlines so I’ve mainly been enjoying it by proxy, but I have been allowing myself a snatched hour or so outside here or there. This has meant choosing between gardening and the bike …

hawthorn (may) blossom

Today the bike won, even though my seedlings are queuing up to be planted and starting to suffer in the sun. I don’t regret it though, because the may is out (and the bluebells and the gorse and everything else) and where the farmers haven’t been slurry spreading the air is positively perfumed and gorgeous, and warm with it.


Apologies for the glare…

There might even have been a bit of clout casting done.

Besides, I have pipeline news: they have finished laying and joining the big gas pipe and started to make good the enormous hole they dug to do so, so the site now looks like this. Given the talent the land round here has for growing grass, I expect it to be indistinguishable from the surrounding fields within weeks.

pipeline covered over

Or almost, because a mysterious pipe remains, sticking out of the ground, purpose only to be guessed at …

pipe sticking up

Amazingly, if the forecast is correct, this weather is set to continue after the deadline crunch has passed and I will be able to do all the binge gardening I’ve been longing to do all week. Watch this space. I might even get around to blogging about compost …

5 Responses to Clout Casting Commences

  1. Charles says:

    Non stop rain in Somerset, it has come through the study roof. On the roof nose to tiles, cannot find the leak but tiles seem to be covered in green vasilene, total wardrobe change plus more grey hairs getting off said roof.

    Congrats on weather, plants can wait, lots of light makes up for poor temperatures. They are tougher than us. You have more light up there in the summer.

    Enjoy the moment.

  2. disgruntled says:

    It’s not often we get the best of the weather …

  3. Oh, please do blog about compost! I once nearly bought a book from Oxfam all about compost~ yes! An entire book devoted to the subject of compost.

  4. disgruntled says:

    Which Oxfam? I may have to go and get it myself …

  5. […] quietly growing grass for a few months now, I noticed two people in hard hats peering down the mysterious sticking-up pipe that was all that remained to remind us of what lay beneath. I did consider stopping and asking […]

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