Ferry Exciting

So, I’m back, and while all part of me really wants to do is get on with the infinite amount of gardening that has been building up in my absence, that will have to wait until next week because I’m off again…

weeds in the drive

Our driveway. The other half may need a machete when he returns with the car …

This next trip is a little bit more my speed than last weekend’s flying visit to America: the gang that brought you #5GoMad in Amsterdam, Seville and, er, Enfield are now heading west for the Five Ferries – something that is variously described as a challenge (for those hardy enough to attempt it in 24 hours) or the much-more-my-speed ‘island hopping adventure‘ for us wusses who are doing it over three days.

This is something that was hatched a while back, when the weather was unfeasibly fine, and I had absolutely nothing planned for the summer except going nowhere and catching up with myself, so a four day jaunt seemed just the ticket. Since then, life has happened, and I’m suddenly too busy again – but then again that was always the way.

And, besides, even though the heat wave has nominally broken, the forecast remains uncharacteristically fine for Scotland (everyone is wandering round Bigtown in shorts and sandals as if we were in the Mediterranean) and I think we’ll be talking about the summer of 2018 for decades to come. I don’t want to be looking back at how I spent it crouched over a laptop and weeding the vegetable beds, when I could have been wheeling round Arran and Bute in the sunshine. The weeding can wait (the laptop, unfortunately, is coming along for the ride).

leeks in raised bed

And besides, it turns out raised beds do make weeding a whole lot easier than it used to be

weeds and flowers in the garden

And we’re all about informal relaxed plantings these days now, right?

5 Responses to Ferry Exciting

  1. skyeent says:

    Informal relaxed plantings are definately the way to go here too!

  2. Have fun on the 5ferries; I heartily recommend the 3Ferries ride, btw!

  3. Charles says:

    Informal planting good, any planting good. The sparrows are eating my Chinese leaf and coriander, who knew the little blighters were so cosmopolitan. Time for the micro mesh cloches and serious swearing.

  4. msnomadica says:

    Still amazed those beds have come so far in such a short amount of time. And, wow, less weeding is a huge bonus.

  5. disgruntled says:

    @skyeent – the camera angle was carefully chosen …
    @stephanie – which is the 3 ferries?
    @charles – the hares are having their way with the french beans, if that’s any comfort
    @msnomadica – it’s been quite a spring and summer

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