So, as I mentioned in the last post, Moo I 5 are back, and when daylight came yesterday, we could see that they had been making themselves at home…

cows in the field

You can’t really see it from the photo, but as well as giving the copper beech a trim, our new neighbours had discovered that if you leaned against the nice scratchy barbed wire hard enough, and streeeetched your neck, you could have some delicious broccoli leaves.

broccoli and cows

Note innocent expression. Do not be fooled

(this is why I’m fairly relaxed about cabbage white incursions on my brassicas. What takes several dozen caterpillars weeks of eating to acheive, is barely a second’s work for a cow).

I’ve also only just noticed the angle of that fence …

leaning fence

The ash tree has so far survived unbrowsed, although for how long we don’t know, but for one of our new birch trees, a 2m tree tube was no match for a hungry Holstein.

nibbled tree top

Possibly time to upgrade the defences … and get used to gardening with a fascinated audience again.


6 Responses to Uncowed

  1. You should probably copyright/patent the term Moo I 5- i just love it! 😂

  2. That certainly puts the caterpillars in perspective !

  3. disgruntled says:

    @Stephani – it wasn’t me who came up with it but now I can’t remember who did.
    @reclaiming Paradise – I’m working on the assumption that purple sprouting broccoli is indestructible

  4. Anonymous says:

    I love the innocent, who me guv? look that cows deploy, particularly when they are sneaking up on you. They are frankly terrifying when they decide to charge on mass, they are faster than me and the change is shocking. I like a fence between me and them.

  5. disgruntled says:

    The fence was looking a bit ropey and was coming unstuck, so they’ve been banished to the other field for now

  6. […] after the coos all but put paid to the garden fence last year, we’ve gained a bit of a breathing space. For reasons best known to himself, instead of […]

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