That Storm Damage in Full

downed tree

While I still maintain that giving storms names is a bad idea on the grounds that it only encourages them, it turns out that sarcastically putting their names in quotes just makes things worse. Certainly, Storm Ali did live up to its amber warning on Wednesday, took out our power halfway through the morning (which wasn’t then restored until Thursday morning) and downing enough trees on the roads around us to make going to my dental appointment in Notso Bigtown a bit of a choose-your-own-adventure as we had to backtrack several times to find a route that didn’t have a large amount of interesting looking firewood blocking the way.

dead olive tree

But what the Weather Gods taketh away, the Weather Gods also giveth. For a while I’ve been looking at our poor dead olive tree and thinking I really should replace with something that was less of a sad reminder of my neglect. It was as we were sitting there watching it being rocked wildly in its pot by the storm (what can I say, when the internet is down you have to make your own entertainment – indeed I ended up forced to complete this year’s tax return, so every cloud and all that), that I noticed something strange at the foot of the trunk:

resprouting olive tree

Yup. It’s aliiiiiive. Really, you can’t keep a good tree down.


6 Responses to That Storm Damage in Full

  1. Lizzie says:

    I love how plants come back from the dead! I was in Helensburgh this week staying with my daughter and a good few trees came down there on Wednesday. I quite enjoyed walking in the storm though!

  2. Charles says:

    We had gentle rain, followed by hard rain and then more rain, but not too much wind. My walnut and mulberry saplings survived and i am now the proud owner of a Japanese flowering cherry. I look at this and think where are my pipe and slippers?

  3. disgruntled says:

    @Lizzie – they do sometimes take their time about it though! The olive tree is lucky I’m not more conscientious about tidying up dead plants
    @Charles – surely the pipe and slippers stage comes _after_ the gardening stage?

  4. Your opening sentence really made me laugh. As did the whole piece. Though tricky journeys and powercuts are no fun at all. Glad you survived the Storm That Shall Not Be Named 😊

  5. disgruntled says:

    Heh, not sure calling it that is an improvement either! Once they think they’re Voldemort there will be no stopping them

  6. […] Hopefully that will work because we may end up with plenty more (in the fullness of time). because, as an added bonus, the jackdaws inadvertently plant walnut trees all round my friend’s garden in their attempts to open the nuts by bouncing them off her patio. Did we want a tree? Yes indeed we did. As soon as it has dropped its leaves and we have worked out how to get a young but tallish tree into a smallish hatchback it will be ours, as long as we promise to look after it better than the olive tree… […]

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