Dirty Plot Letter

A knock on the front door this morning alerted me to a visit from the garden inspector – actually my pal from Old Nearest Village who likes to drop by when he’s passing to see how the garden is getting on. I knew it was him because when I went to the door, there was nobody there – he was already in the back garden checking on the raised beds.

Fortunately, Wednesday’s work had not gone to waste and I think I passed, just, with the help of the other half’s professional greenhouse set up. Points were deducted for my leeks being planted too close together again (given they’re already enormous, we agreed that was just a style point, and I escaped serious censure), and the undue fanciness of my veg selection (cavolo nero and rainbow chard are very much not categories in the village show) but were gained by the colour of my purple sprouting broccoli, and the well-rotted horse manure on the old pea bed. Phew. We both agreed that fretting about cabbage white caterpillars was a waste of time and that it had been a good year for potatoes and then, having exchanged a bit of village gossip, he went on his way. No doubt he’ll be popping in again when I least expect it, just to keep me on my toes …

I joke (well, sort of) but there’s actually nothing like having fellow gardeners come around to have a nosey and exchange ideas, and the opportunity have a nosey back. I didn’t get to any proper open gardens this summer (and besides, they’re always a bit too primped and unobtainable to be really informative), but I feel some sort of peer-to-peer garden noseying exchange system should be worked out for those of us unlucky enough not to have an allotment. Or a regular irregular inspection regime…


2 Responses to Dirty Plot Letter

  1. Charles says:

    I went to RHS Rosemoor last week, their veg gardens are brilliant and intimidating, although my butternuts held their own. The veg display in the proper veg garden is bad enough but the veg displays in the formal gardens were amazing. Circles of different types of kale and cavalo nero, runner beans on pergolas, it was all thoroughly over the top and great fun.

    I agree there is nothing like a good nose about to see how well you are doing, we have a lot of veg patches near the road in the local villages and if you are on a bike you can look over the hedges and see what is going on. It helps not to steer into the hedge while doing this.

  2. disgruntled says:

    Heh, sadly no such handy patches on my route into Bigtown. I’ve been known to steer into the dykes while watching the stars though

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