Waking to news of developing political chaos, somehow today seemed like a good day to sort out the stored potatoes (some of which have already developed ambitions to start growing), and do a bit of tidying up of the rainbow chard bed.

rainbow chard bed

I have to say, the chard has been a bit of a revelation this year – while it isn’t exactly my favourite vegetable, it’s proved more versatile than I thought and more to the point, it’s just gone on and on and on, providing at least one meal a week and proving a useful source of extra greens (and yellows and pinks and reds and oranges) for throwing into stir fries and other dishes.

chard in basket

Clearing out some of the bolted plants and the dead leaves I discovered that the mice have apparently discovered it too, so some of the roots at the base have been nibbled away, so it’s possible its days are numbered. Fortunately the kale has recovered from the caterpillar onslaught and is ready to take over the green leafy vegetable heavy lifting.

kale cavolo nero

Realistically, of course, none of this will help come March 29th, if we do end up with a chaotic Brexit. As any gardener could have told the government, it’s the worst possible time of year to be inadvertently blockading your own country of imports of perishable food. Our potatoes will have long started sprouting and any remaining leeks, chard and beetroot bolted, although we may well still have some kale if the winter isn’t too harsh and the hares too hungry. No, the real purpose was to stockpile a little sanity and perspective, something that I suspect will be in even shorter supply than fresh vegetables in the coming months. Sometimes you just need to let the politicians get on with it, and go outside and get your hands dirty with a bit of honest gardening toil.

That, presumably, will still be an option on March 30th next year. Whatever the politicians decide.

7 Responses to Stockpiling

  1. Charles says:

    BRExit is the gift that keeps on giving, look at the knots our so called leaders tie themselves up in, the careers ruined, the shallowness, venality and stupidity on display. Our political class is destroying itself in front of our eyes and I for one am enjoying the spectacle. Yes there may be a little inconvenience but it’s worth it for the fun.

    Don’t forget that if remain had one, things would not be much better, the country is split down the middle and our leaders have been shown up as pygmies, and that alone is a blessing.

    My garden is asleep, a few cauliflowers on the way and that’s about it. Herbs are still useful, red onions trying to sprout, shallots finished, spuds ditto, if I am going to be self sufficient it looks like leaks….

  2. I have fallen in love with rainbow chard – just for its colour but especially at this time of year when there is not much else around. Yours looks great.

  3. disgruntled says:

    @Charles – leeks and kale, it’s the only way …
    @RP – it really does look fab, despite half of it bolting. So pretty

  4. ballsofwool says:

    Hope you like pickles, Britain.

  5. We’re making a small yet concerted effort to preserve this year. Still working through our apples, we’ve mincemeated and jellied many. It may be that and a glut of garlic that will see us through a chaotic Brexit. We’ve eaten all our onions and potatoes!

  6. disgruntled says:

    I suppose there’s always sauerkraut

  7. […] sprouted beyond all hope but, had the worst predictions of the pundits over Brexit come to pass, we wouldn’t be completely starving after all. Despite the best efforts of the local cabbage white population and Moo-I-5 we’ve got […]

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