Dirty Ol’ City

Ah yes, you know you’re in London when – in among the normal notices about standing well clear of the doors and taking care when exiting the train – you hear the following announcement

‘Please don’t urinate in the passages. Will men stop urinating in the passages. Will the man in the passage between platforms 3 and 4 please stop urinating in it.’

They say Londoners wouldn’t turn their heads to look at someone even if their hair was on fire, but I can assure you that the man who finally emerged from the passageway between platforms 3 and 4 had our full attention.

Sometimes I wonder whether I should make the effort to get back to my native city more often than once a year. This wasn’t one of those occasions.

One Response to Dirty Ol’ City

  1. Charles says:

    Amusing that London looks down its nose at the provinces. It would appear that liberal thought and enlightenment go hand in hand with a general level of rudeness and behaviour that have not changed since the 1800s. Of course the fact that London has closed every public convenience does not help.

    It is one of the things one notices when crossing the border to Scotland, clean villages, well maintained public loos and shops. Funny that Barnet is part of London, I lived there as it happens, but it benefits Scotland instead. Funny thing geography.

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