What can I say, except that it’s been a busy weekend…

Normally Pedal on Parliament is stressful, but the stress is at least concentrated on one key question, will anyone turn up for our mass ride? And then when they do, we can repair to the pub and celebrate a job well done

This weekend we’ve had three days of wondering whether anyone would turn up to be a human bike lane, attend a school bike bus, help finish a bike lane with teddy bears (or toy hoovers), go for a mass ride in Dundee, or Aberdeen, or even Dalkeith, combine a hill climb race with a bit of guerrilla meter-maiding, or any one of a number of other mad events. And, in particular, whether anyone would want to cycle round Bigtown dressed as a cow.

Fortunately, the answer to all those questions was ‘yes – and far more than you might initially expect’ (except maybe in Bigtown, although we did at least have just enough to count as a small herd). Unfortunately, because they were all happening across the length and breadth of Scotland – and over three exhausting days – we weren’t able to repair to the pub afterwards either. We’ll have to rectify that omission soon, because the post-implementation review is the most important part of any event.

You can read about it all here and here and here. Thankfully, it wasn’t me manning the various social media feeds because just looking at them makes me feel exhausted.

And now, I need to go and remember what it was we used to do, before we did this.

cow on a bike

Photo courtesy of John Henry


2 Responses to POP-tastic

  1. That photo wins the internet for me today 😉

  2. disgruntled says:

    It’s fab, isn’t it?

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