Bonus Ride

I had for some reason thought that things might get a bit calmer after PoP – a chance to chill out, catch up with some gardening, possibly even tidy the house (but let’s not go mad, eh?). Naturally that didn’t happen and this last week has been particularly bonkers as I’ve tried to combine a rash of tight deadlines, commitments I’d taken on in the intoxicating day and a half when I thought I might be about to have some spare time, and coordinating a non-Pop demo (of which more anon) which suddenly kicked up into high gear just as the sun came out and the countryside hit peak May in all its blink-and-you’ll-miss-it loveliness.

fresh green trees

So today was a bonus: one of the commitments I’d taken on was to lead a chilled ride out to lunch for a local cycling event and although the forecast was for it to be at best cloudy, the weather outdid itself.

I was leading a select bunch of nice people who were happy to ride at the speed of chat, and I was suddenly reminded just what an amazing place we happen to live in (especially at this time of year).

We stopped to climb a half-ruined tower and watch the house martins from above as they hoovered up insects and came into their nests

Drumcoltran tower

And we barely saw a car.

trees just coming into leaf

I still have a million things to do and I have no doubt that the few hours it took out of my day could have been more productively spent but I don’t regret it for an instant.

And now, back to the grindstone…

6 Responses to Bonus Ride

  1. Lizzie says:

    Do you know what your average speed for that ride was? I ride regularly with my local CTC 1* mid-week group (bottom rung….) and over the winter I think our speeds have increased, to the extent that conversation is often tricky. I personally prefer a slower pace. Our advertised pace is 8-10 mph but it’s often between 10 and 11.

  2. disgruntled says:

    I don’t really know as I don’t use Strava or anything like that and we stopped to explore the tower and also at a shop so I can’t base it on starting and ending times. When I’m leading a ride I try and gauge if the speed is all right by making sure nobody’s consistently hanging off the back and that I can hear people chatting. That’s usually the best sign – if the ride falls silent then either it’s a stiff hill or the pace is too high

  3. MJ Crites says:

    Since N. Ireland and Scotland voted to remain in the EU is the United Kingdom going to have to change its name to The (no so) United Kingdom?

  4. Charles says:

    As the slowest runner in three boat clubs and one running club I was delighted to discover the slow running movement. The theory is that if you jog, slowly, you get all the benefits of running as long as for a magical fraction of a second you have both feet off the floor at the same time.

    My approach to cycle speed is about the same, go at the speed I feel comfortable with. It’s about 10 mph on the flat, less if it’s hilly or there is a headwind.

    As I cycle by myself I find that I am always able to hold a conversation, should I want to. I also find that I am not interrupted and do not have to listen to other people.

  5. disgruntled says:

    @MJ we might question how long there’s going to be United, or Disunited Kingdom
    @Charles 10mph is about my speed too

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