Warm Showers

It’s not often that I’ll chase after a miscreant driver on my bike – not so much because it’s largely pointless remonstrating with them, but mainly because I’m generally too slow to catch them. But there I was riding into Bigtown in the rain this morning having almost reached the state where I couldn’t get any wetter, when a driver decided to finish the job by accelerating through a puddle as he passed me. Fortunately I was on the cycle path so being engulfed by a wall of water was unpleasant rather than dangerous but I was sufficiently ticked off by the indignity of it, if nothing else, that I made the effort to catch up with him at the end of the road and have a word.

To be honest, I was expecting the driver to be a young lad who thinks that kind of thing is funny but in the end it was an older man who was simply oblivious – and pretty apologetic – leaving me somewhat mollified but still dripping and (once off the bike) audibly squelching in my shoes. My trousers are reasonably quick drying, and my waterproof jacket had largely proved Waterproof in Scotland, but I know from bitter experience that once my socks and shoes are wet, then they stay that way. This was a problem because I had a whole day to spend in town and although Scottish summers might be characterised by – as the Glasgow cyclists say – slightly warmer rain it’s not warm enough that spending the whole day in wet socks was going to be any good for my health.

So for the avoidance of trench foot I had to make a couple of emergency purchases – hiking socks (because why-oh-why can you no longer find any other kind of sock in mostly natural fibres? Even running socks are mostly polyester these days and it’s just … don’t) and a pair of sparkly plimsolls because if you’ve been forced to buy emergency shoes then why not get something that might also serve for a Fancy occasion? Especially as they cost less than the socks, so topsy turvy has our world become.

I wonder if Back On My Bike will consider these fancy enough to go with a frock?

6 Responses to Warm Showers

  1. Anonymous says:

    True portrayal of natural frustration and emotion

  2. Charles says:

    What you need are waterproof gaiters, as used by walkers. I believe you can get short ones these days that cover from ankle down , rather than from the knee. The short ones were developed for trendy walkers in the tropics. The point is that the water runs down the outside of your shoes and not into them. You would wear wellies if you can tuck your trousers over the top, otherwise they just fill with water.

    Did you enjoy the picture of the lunatic pedalling through floods in Edinburgh? Interesting that although he was mad, his technology worked in the water as he cycled past several drowned cars.

  3. disgruntled says:

    I have everything, including gaiters, but it’s none of it any use if I don’t put it on!

  4. Charles says:

    Visions of Lady Godiva in the borders…..I have to say I agree, the key to good waterproof gear is the convenience of use, otherwise you just say oh it’s alright, I won’t bother. As in last week when our son was home and we went for a walk with his care team. Fortunately we took umbrellas because we were all soaked from waist down, apart from our son, who disdains umbrellas and was comprehensively soaked. Not that it spoilt the walk or his appetite. We could of course have put on coats, but it was summer, they were too hot and it did not look too bad.

  5. disgruntled says:

    I’ve given up and am wearing my winter coat again.

  6. Mark Ward says:

    Loved the story. Somedays you just have to accept getting wet. Having some ‘cheap’ backup gear is a great idea. My last ‘athletic’ socks cost more than my work shoes 😉

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